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Shiri Furst | שירי פירסט


26 years old, from Jerusalem. Screen based arts student in Bezalel, majoring in video.

Founder and artistic director of the new Sam Spiegel cinema.

In recent years, my works mainly deal with the materials around me. I like to observe the spaces around me, digital and real, and draw lines between them. I walk around the internet like on the real street and imagine I'm collecting treasures hidden at the bottom of the ocean. The things I find become evidence, small proofs that beauty can be found in the most unplanned, unaesthetic moments.


  • The launch of "SECURIOSITY" book at the Bezalel Pavilion. November 2022

  • Participation in the artist's book fair at Beit Hansen. January 2023

  • Participation in Export magazine. March 2023

  • Group exhibition at the "Export" studio. July 2023



שירי פירסט ויותם גורן // SECURIOSITY - Portfolio



Phone:         0502291997

Facebook:    Shiri Furst

Instagram:   torso____________

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