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Chana Cromer | חנה קרומר

Chana Cromer

Chana Cromer was born in Italy and grew up in Kansas City. She earned a BA in literature from Washington University in St. Louis and an MA in education from Boston College before coming to Israel in 1972. In 1973 she married Gerald Cromer and they raised four children.


In 1982 Chana received a BFA from Bezalel Art Institute in Jerusalem. In 1979-80 she studied printmaking with Clare Romano at Pratt Institute in New York. In 1987 she studied textile printing at Philadelphia College of Art. In 1992 she established the visual arts department at Torah Arts Academy in Jerusalem. She has taught art/text workshops in various educational institutions. From 1991-1998 she studied at Beit Midrash Elul. Both Rabbi Daniel Epstein at Matan and Melila Eshed Hellner have been inspiring teachers for her art.


Recent One-person shows:

"Renewal", Kehilat Yedidyah Gallery, Jerusalem, 2012

"Trembling of Wings", Beit Shmuel Gallery, Jerusalem, 2012

"I Dreamed a Dream", Matan Gallery, Jerusalem, 2014

"The Texture of the Text," Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem, 2014

 “Illumination”, Kehillat Yedidya, Jerusalem, 2016

“Bone of My Bones”, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem, 2018

“The Blue, the Purple and the Scarlet”, Kol HaOt Gallery, Hutzot Hayotzer, 2019

“Hovering Over the Deep”, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem, 2019

“Ten Cubits”, Kehillat Yedidya, Jerusalem, 2020


Selected recent group shows:

"Freedom", Museum of ImaJewnation, St. Louis, Missouri, 2013

 "First Biennial of Jewish Art", Hechal Shlomo Gallery, Jerusalem, 2013

"Nature and Culture", European Jewish Culture Day, Attenweiler Gallery, Attenweiler, Germany, 2013

"Women in Judaism", European Jewish Culture Day, Museo Omero,                      Ancona, Italy, 2014

"The Other", Wolfson Museum, Hechal Shlomo, Jerusalem, 2014

"Twenty-five Years of Elul", The First Station Gallery, Jerusalem, 2014

"Transparent Opaque", Biennial of Jewish Art, Skirball Museum, Jerusalem, 2015,  "Diaspora", European Culture Day, Attenweiler Gallery, Germany, 2017

"Opening", Marie Gallery, 2017

"Noise", Marie Gallery 2018

"Wolfson Museum, Hechal Shlomo Jerusalem, 2018

“Plastic Arts”, Marie Gallery 2018

“Dress’, Agripas 12 and Marie Galleries 2019

 “And there was evening and there was morning”, Marie Gallery 2019

Home. Printing. Manofim – Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival - Marie gallery 2020  

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