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Alejandro Alex Goldberg
אלכס גולדברג



Somebody once told me that when they look at my portraits it is as if they where looking at an X-Ray of the subject’s personality or essence. For me there is nothing more interesting than a human face.  It is a one off in the whole universe, however what makes it truly unique is what’s inside of it which is hidden to the naked eye.    It is the soul and spirit  that lie behind the human flesh.  Whatever I paint, whether a portrait, a still life or a landscape, I search to get overall feel and essence of the subject.


Being obsessed with the essence of people or flowers, I paint people who come to my studio not as models that sit and pose without moving but rather as active participants in the art making process.   They as a group are generally relatives, friends or my own immediate family which paint or draw on a big table in front of my easel.  I paint from life according to how I interpret any given situation which reveals itself in front of my eyes.  When painting the flowers,  I strive to paint them as portraits and not as a hyper detailed description of the flowers per se.  


I use the classical old school materials  such as oil colors, paint brushes, wood and  linen to make new and contemporary  art. I am not really interested in trends or what is fashionable at the time, rather my focus and attention are directed to the here and now in my head, studio or wherever it is I am painting from life.  I try never to rely on photographs unless there is a moment in time which can not be recreated.  I paint quickly and strive to make a painting with velocity and as much feel for the moment as I can imbue into the painting.


The sheer excitement of looking and expressing myself  is something I really  love to do.  This coupled with the pleasure of intimately observing people or nature is a thrill which has no substitute for me.  Being myself a part of the ADHD generation it is only whilst painting that I find myself really concentrating and living the present. 


Ideally, I’d  like for the viewer to enter my world, to explore the paintings and feel something of his/her own. The energy and power which sometimes manages to come through is something I would really love to share with other people.  Hopefully, after looking at my work a sense of pleasure, disgust, awe or simply hapiness will make the viewer’s day that much more enriching. 

Main Exhibitions:

Marie gallery 2020 > View Virtual Exhibition

Group Exhibitions:

Home. Printing. Manofim – Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival - Marie gallery 2020



Phone:      O52-7315500


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