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Meir Reuven Zalevsky
מאיר ראובן זלבסקי

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I graduated from Musrara School of Art, Department of Photography in 2016.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, doing mainly art work in photography and video, and the relationship between them. For my art work I use digital or analog cameras (as 35mm and medium format). In video art I combine given reality and staged scenes, to get a new reality, or showing the daily reality in a new context.

During the latest period, I am drawing and printing in various techniques including screen printing, and also doing installations that include sculpting (in cooperation with other artists).

The subjects which interest me are home and intimacy. I take photos of relatives or people that are close to me. I use also still life to express the connection between me and the objects and to explore the tension between the holy and the profane and the religious gestures of people.




Phone:      050-6206225



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