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Neta Goren | נטע גורן

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Born in Israel, raised in South Africa. I lived and worked in the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and the US. BA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MA from University of Haifa. Printmaking at The Florence School of Fine Arts.


I share my time between the parallel universes of painting and printmaking. Materials drive me; also lack of materials, and technical constraints. I often relocate and must reconstruct my studio. The new space, and the new environment, become a new drive. I paint as often as I can and do it mostly indoors. 


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2021. “Homage to American Poetry”, with poet – Shahar Bram, Office in Tel-Aviv Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2016. “Apollo Rising” Cornelius E. Sullivan Gallery, Gloucester, MA


Selected Group Exhibitions


2022  “Passive Income” Pyramida, Haifa

2021. “Life Span” Gallery 10, Rehovot

2018. “Take-Offs and Landings” Gate 3, Haifa

2017. “Miniscularity” Jane Deering Gallery, Gloucester, MA

2016. “Currents” Law & Water Gallery, Gloucester, MA

2015   “Art Connections 11” George Segal Gallery, Montclair State University, NJ

2014. “ArtSplash” Rockaway Artist Alliance, Rockaway Park, NY



Phone:       +972586554517


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