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Rami Coenca | רמי קואנקה

My name is Rami Coenca. I was born in Israel 1964 where I currently live and work.Color is my language. The colors are words and sounds that I create inspired by nature, the urban landscape (man-made) and the struggle between them.There is interaction and dialogue between the colors and shapes that express the experience of the complexity of life. Chaos and harmony combine simultaneously together on the canvas.My art world is a reflection of my inner world. I express the external world around me and interpret it through the unconscious and the conscious, therefore my works are an interpretation of the subjective reality through my resources and filters.The infinite events happening in the world at any given moment find their expression in my works. I use a combination of different colors and materials, natural or recycled (nothing is thrown away).Another way of expression with the help of colored pencils, creates a complicated texture full of emotion with a repetitive and mechanical technique.



Phone:      0523568853


Instagram:@ coencaart

Facebook: coenca rami

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