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Linda Adams | לינדה אדמס


Linda Adams is a Canadian-Israeli artist who lives and works in Jerusalem.  A graduate of the Jerusalem Studio School (JSS) Master Class Program, she is also a member of the Studio of Her Own group. Her work is primarily figurative, including portraiture, still life and landscape.  Building on her strong classical foundation in composition and form, she currently work in the colorist traditions, both from observation and invented scenes. 


“When I look at the world, I see surfaces and the meeting points between them.

I paint to enter that interior and find meaning in what reflects back to me, to bridge the gap between what I see and my inner experience.  To me, that is as true of nature as it is of still life or even my own reflection in the mirror – all of which surprise equally. 

I am more interested in the mood, the moment, than in the objects themselves... and then, the new representation itself becomes a new beginning.”


Solo Show:

2023   “Fire and Snow”, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, Curator: Ron Bartos


Selected Group Shows:

2023   “Here and Now”, ND gallery,

Curator: Ronit Roth Hadad


2023   “Looking Ahead”, Studio of Her Own, Curators: Dr. Batsheva Ida-Goldman, Nurit Jacobs Yinon


2022   “Beregini: Women and War”, Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv, Curator: Dasha Ilyashenko


2022   “Art Aid Israel Ukraine”, Sotheby’s, Tel Aviv, Curators: Larry Abramson, Meital Manor


2022   “Jerusalem Art Fair”, Hamiffal, Jerusalem, Curator, Nir Namir


2021  Charitable Exhibition for the Benefit of At-Risk Youth, Israel Discount Bank, Tel Aviv, Curator: Shulamit Nus




“Seeing Red: Visual Chronicles of the Women’s Protest”, ed: …, 2023, p.110


“Linda Adams: Fire and Snow”,, 04.03.2023, click here


"Fire and snow from painter Linda Adams, who unveils her first solo show in Tel Aviv", Barry Davis, Jerusalem Post, 23.02.2023

click here



Phone:      O50-892-6619


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