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Rina Ezroni | רינה עזרוני

Rina Ezroni

As a person who is very much engaged in the observation of things, art is a way of life for me. It is an extension of reality. Painting’ is for me a metaphor of the body, a projection of body and soul. On the whole, I express myself through drawing in various colored media such as inks, gouache, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.


For many years I have investigated the area of portraiture in two ways. One channel is by life drawing in which I have painted the same model for more than a decade. I find in my model’s figure a multi-faceted image, which doesn’t necessarily need to be a faithful likeness of her. The second channel is the creation of imaginary figures.


The possibility of inventing an image is challenging, allows the feeling of play and enables the use of chance that work with inks and fluid colors dictates. This kind of painting is not planned ahead. It is associative, develops by itself, enables the image to be born and includes the defects and mistakes made in making the drawing, which I see as all being part of the drawing’s pictorial language. By means of the materiality, the texture and color of the painting, I try to express its content, as well as, reveal and expose the internal layers of the subject.


Short biography:

In the past I have been a news photographer as well as a photography teacher in a special education school. I have a master’s degree in art from Tel Aviv university. I live and create in Tel Aviv.     

Selected One-person Exhibitions:

Marie gallery 2019 > View Virtual Exhibition

Barbur gallery 2008

Ein-Hod gallery 2007

Mazkeret Batya Museum 2006

Photography exhibition for Sharet Foundation prize 1986.




Phone:      054-4412154



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