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Roni Baroth | רוני ברות

roni passport BW.jpg

I am a painter and an interdisciplinary artist, living and creating in Jerusalem.

I paint in oils as well as using other techniques, including creating three dimensional objects and installations from a variety of materials. I freely move between realism, abstract and dismantling realistic forms.


I love the craftsmanship of painting in oils, its layers and texture. The fact that it is an age-old technique connects me to art history.


Painting for me is a way of life and a language, It is a diary, a personal and visual testimonial, expressing the reality of my surroundings through work in various media. Certain glimpses of reality resonate for me, create a feeling of identity, a reflection of my inner life and have a potential to be a symbol, whether of conscious or sub-conscious strata of being, a kind of dream language.


Encountering a certain glimpse of reality, which might be a random arrangement of objects, in the here and now, calls me to observe. It tells me a story, demands to be transformed into the language of painting, in order to propose an answer to an existential puzzle.



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