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מסיק | ריבה פינסקי אוודיש
Olive Harvest | Riva Pinsky Awadish

Thu Jul 06 2023 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

עברנו דירה,
עברתי סטודיו,
גיליתי אוצרות אהובים ארוזים עמוק שנשכחו שם שנים.
מעבר הסטודיו נדמה כמסיק:
פינוי הסטודיו כניעור עץ הזית במסיק!
עבודות על אריחים וצלחות משנות ה90
זורמות לעבודות על טקסטיל ונייר מהשנים האחרונות.

Olive Harvest 2023
we moved,
I moved my studio,
I discovered hidden treasures that had been forgotten there for years. everything flows and changes.
what used to be continues to flow and changes too.
we change but remain the same.
when does the painting end?
the end also changes and flows.
Thus, there is no end.
the end is infinite.
the painting lives, flows and touches our lives.
paintings never end
and doubts neither..
time is the most important ingredient in the recipe;
I like to see the brush strokes of time in a work of art.
the sabras planted in the tiles and paintings have moved with me to another place.
Taha Muhammad Ali (Sephoria - Nazareth 1931-2011) writes pearls, seeds:
It took me 60 full years until I realized that
water is the best of drinks
that bread is the tastiest of foods
and that there is no real value of any art if it doesn’t implant some joy in the human heart"

For me, too, seeds and olive kernels have been glowing for years: on tiles, Plates, textiles, canvases and papers.
I sow them with joy, yearning to know what will be born?!
What is freedom?
To paint what doesn't fit,
doesn't work
I am bound to freedom,
to art.
To touch a finished painting,
to disturb the painting,
to undermine the painting
Everything is beautiful and not beautiful,
certain and uncertain,
clear and vague,
final and infinite,
freedom of the harvest
what is ripe
what falls
what is ready,
what is not ready,
what is tasty,
what is bitter,

Works on tiles and plates from the 1990's flow into works on textiles and papers of recent years.
Riva Pinsky Awadish 2023

(translation by Salman Metzalha)

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